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Looking for Moral Support

I saw a bone doc yesterday, diagnosed it as CMT,no one in my family has any such disease. He wants to operate on it,not try any other treatments, This would lay me up for 8-12weeks, can't drive. My only symptoms are painful right ankle only with exertion and my foot turns over to the right. And sometimes my right ankle gives away, haven't fallen. Still work full time and I am 56 yrs young. Don't you think other therapies should be tried and surgery should be the last thing.? I wanted him to order a brace and special orthotics and he said it wouldn't help. I think anything besides surgery would be a huge help. I bought otc Dr. Scholls orthotics, help very little, but when I am barefoot, I limp terribly. I want to hear about new therapies anything to prevent a surgery that might not work. I can't even walk my dog anymore,it feels like my right ankle is sprain. Yet there is any swelling. I do not have any numbness. I also need some moral support.......Thank You, NM