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Agree With "Losing My Grip"

I totally agree with "Losing My Grip". All the weakening of the hand situations she describes are exactly the same I am having now at the age of 63. In the past, the numbness would come in the ring and little finger and down the side of the palm, but it would eventually go away. This session started on March 1 and has not departed and is only in the left hand and the lack of strength in that hand is worse than I've ever had. Buttoning, clipping nails, zipper-top bags, all things I never thought much abut before, I now find myself compromizing. My mother tested positive for CMT and as the carrier, it was passes along to her six children and many of the grandchildren. I hesitate to consult a specialist as I already know what this is and I know there's no treatment. Wearing a splint would be very clumsy and probably worse than how I'm dealing with things now. I find that this time my little finger wants to curve downward, which is a new thing. There is some arthritis on my mother's side too, but I'm saying CMT is the major culprit here. Besides the weakness, I think the numbness is the most disconcerting. It's like the area is numb, but yet there is mild feeling, say if I poke the finger hard with my fingernail (I now wear artificial nails as I couldn't take care of mine anymore due to the lack of strength) and there is some ache on the inside now and then.As inconvenient as it is, I have to accept that this is not going away this time and since I don't care to have the testing done to confirm a diagnosis I already know, I will continue to be exacerbated and will adjust as well as I can. I can't imagine having this weakness in the lower extremities. I do have trouble with balance and have tripped or fallen and sometimes when walking have felt as if the left foot just doesn't want to come along, but the majority of the stronger symptoms have always been in my hands, and now only the left. Imagine, over 30 years I made a living typing! Now I can only type with two fingers on my computer!
I have said many prayers regarding this episode, hoping for a miracle cure, but so far it hasn't happened and that's O.K. I can still function, even with some limitations, but think how much worse some people have it, who are totally incapitated. So I wear pull-overs instead of blouses. It's a small price to pay and I am glad to read and share with others who are having the same difficulties.