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C.M.T. in Greece

Hello Everybody,
Im from Greece and im 34 yo (man)
I have cmt since i was 10 but i was diagnosed when i was 20, for all these 10 years nobody here was able to tell me what is happening to me.... "Greece anyway "
I never had pains but i was getting paralized very often and my feet started getting thin and thiner but in a very slow motion and then my hands too. Since i was 20 or 21 i stopped getting paralized and never happened again.
Now I have very weak and thin foots (no power and muscles), atrophy under my knees and atrophy in hands But I can do almost everything I can walk without afo's but only wearing sports shoes, I can drive, I can use hands for everything the only thing I cant do is running but i guess that if I try it I may do it but with great difficulty.
I have read on internet that vitamin c, creatin and vitamin B12 might be helpfull also gymnastic too is this right ?
Also i m thinking to make the surgery on foots because I have a footdrop and my foots are very thin and weak and I have big arches.
I would be very thankfull if someone here can help me because I really worry about my future
thanks !