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CMTA Transitions

While the positions of several Board members and one staff member are changing, the leadership remains strong, with each person assuming a different role, all with the same goal of ”A world without CMT.”

Dave Hall
Former CEO Dave Hall will
remain with the CMTA
as a member of the
Board of Directors.
Dave Hall began his career as CEO of the CMTA in 2008 after being enticed by the enthusiasm and passion of Patrick Livney. "It didn’t take me long to realize how easy a job that was going to be—easy because I represented a staff, a Board of Directors, and a medical team whose commitment to the CMTA’s mission rivaled that of Pat Livney; and easy because the CMTA was fortunate enough to have a national membership comprised of people who genuinely cared for one another and were determined to find solutions for the many challenges that existed. Three years later this organization has touched more people than ever before, and has also advanced the scientific understanding of CMT Type 1A to a point where the discovery of real treatments is no longer a dream, but a soon-to-be reality. I have recently made the decision to resign my position as CEO and accept a position in the healthcare investment sector, a business I was in earlier in my career. As many of you know, I am married with three young children… so this career move was something I had to do in the best interest of my family." Dave has accepted a position on the Board of Directors and will continue his work with STAR and the pharmaceutical companies.

Patrick Livney
Patrick Livney, who has
served as Chairman and
President of the CMTA,
will be the new CEO.
Patrick Livney has assumed the role of CEO. Pat is familiar with this role, having served as CEO before Dave was hired. He has an in-depth knowledge of the CMTA because he was been with the organization for six years and had been the Chairman of the Board, the President and a major fundraiser. Pat will work out of a Chicago address (10 South LaSalle St, Suite 3600, Chicago, IL, 60603), and he plans to hire one additional staff person in the near future. Pat said, "The CMTA is growing and changing and will continue to aggressively pursue the first treatment for CMT under the STAR initiative!"

Herb Beron has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Herb writes of his new position: "It is with great excitement that I take on the role of Chairman of the Board of the CMTA. My involvement with CMT dates back seven years, when my then four-year-old daughter Julia was diagnosed with CMT Type 2E. We also have a 14 year old son Joshua who does not have CMT, but is in no way unaffected, given his compassion for & understanding of his sister's physical condition.

Herb Beron
Herb Beron has been
elected as the new
Chairman of the Board of
Directors and looks forward
to the challenge of
leading the CMTA to new
and greater heights.
"There was no history of the disease in my (or my wife's) family; we, therefore, needed to do a lot of research to bring ourselves up-to-date with everything happening in the world of CMT. In 2007, my wife Rachael decided to participate in a one-mile swim (swimming is NOT my strong suit) to raise funds for the CMTA. Five years later, and "TeamJulia & the Swim for the Cure" has now raised in excess of $400,000 in total donations for the STAR program. I have sat on the Board of Directors for the past four years, and I welcome the opportunity and challenge to lead the Board in taking the CMTA to even greater heights. Our organization has accomplished much in the past four years (dramatic expansion of the support group network and awareness campaigns, and tremendous progress with NIH and the pharmaceutical industry in our research initiatives). That being said, there is still much more work to do. I'm hopeful that we can build on the momentum that we've generated in the past four years and take the CMTA to an entirely new level. I look forward to meeting Support Group Facilitators & members at meetings throughout the country, and working closely with the new CEO Patrick Livney to raise research dollars to further our goal of finding a cure!"

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