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CMTAthletes" Team Clothing

CMTAthlete Golf Tee

The CMTA has created CMTAthlete and CMTAthlete Supporter T-shirts on Zazzle. You will find a variety of styles and colors, and Zazzle will give 10% of your purchase back to the CMTA! *Remember if you first go through, the CMTA will receive an additional 8% from your total purchase on Zazzle!

Periodically, athletic clothing by Champion System with CMTA logos will be made available for purchase. A general announcement will be posted on the discussion group when these items become available in the CMTA Store, but if you are interested in any particular items of clothing, please let the CMTA know so that these can be designed and made available for purchase.

In addition, CMTAthlete and Supporter logos are available for downloading so that you can design and print your own materials and clothing (such as t-shirts or athletic apparel). In addition to the general program logos, sport specific logos can be commissioned for your use. Just let the CMTA know what you need.

A special thank you to Hannah Ensor of Stickman Communications for working on these fabulous designs, bring the CMTAthlete program to life with a logo and a smile.

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