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Late onset CMT

I was an avid motorcyclist, and one day when I left on my bike to go to a local meeting of cyclists, I found that I could not raise my left foot enough to shift into second gear. I had to turn around and go back home, wondering what could have happened since I had ridden just a couple of weeks before without any trouble. I have stenosis of the spine at L4-L5 and thought maybe that was the cause. After being refered to a neurologist, he did the EMG and nerve conduction studies and a bunch of blood work. On March 13th I got the diagnosis of CMT. I am 62 years old. It has progressed fairly rapidly and some days I need to use a cane mainly for balance. The doctor has recommended orthotics. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself then came across the CMTA site. Suddenly I feel very fortunate since I found out that this frequently affects children, and I have had a healthy and active 62 years. I don't have anything to complain about compared to the children who are affected. I now have a lot of pain that the doctor said was caused from nerve and muscle death in my legs. I was having horrible night cramps and when put on neurotin and amytriptoline, that subsided as well as some of the pain. I take lortab for breakthrough pain. I can't find many references to anyone being affected as old as I am, but in this case I am glad it waited! Thank goodness for my little grandson to keep me going and active! Anyway, that's my's hoping I didn't pass that gene along......