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Help! I think I might have CMT

My name is Tracy and I think I might have CMT. I have a family member who has been diagnosed but never had the genetic testing due to financial issues. I am just wondering if my symptoms are similiar to anyone else. I have been having blisters on my feet after jogging/walking for several years and also have noticed that my balance has been getting worse. About 6 months ago I started having weakness in my arms and have lost the deep tendon reflexes in my arms. I still have good reflexes in my legs but I have painful cramping and spasms in my calfs and feet and sometimes in my hands. I do have a high arch but my feet still look "normal", I also have a mild drop foot. My doctor thinks these symptoms are progressing fast and it is not usual to have arm involvement this soon. Has anyone ever had symptoms progress at this rate and were the arms involved this soon? Thanks for the help.