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Metal afo brace and work related issues

My name is Valerie, I am 32 and I have has cmt for a very long time but was not dx until 4 years after the birth of my first child. I was 24 and I was relieved. I felt like finally I had closure and now I could get help in controling the pain. Nerve pain is my biggest issue. Or I thought it was. I have had two jobs, where cmt has become a problem, one time I was told not to tell a dm of a small retail company I was working for because I would not get my manager on duty position. I explained at the time of the interview I had 4 year manager's experience, but the only thing I might have a problem with was more than 8 hours on my feet. And if they worked with my of having two scheduled day off in a row, I could do it. That experience left me bitter toward's retail, however a few years later I had to go back. I current work for another retail chain, and I resently got A.f.o.'s for the first time. They aree the older metal verion that is built into a orthopedic (msp?)shoe. They remind me of my father's and Forrest Gumps'. They are ugly with a captial U not very comfortable to wear, the squeek because the hinges are to tight. They run my legs. They have worn blisters on my legs and I have scares to prove it. But I want to wear them, I want to walk and not be afraid of falling. I have stopped because I need to take then to be fixed, I busted some metal ring and a screw is out. But I think subconsciencely I stopped because I was told I could wear them on the outside. I don't know if the brace makes people uncomfortable / nervous. But I seem to be facing a lot of discrimination. I don't know what to do, I have turned the other check, and tucked them in under my slacks.... But .... I don't know what to do. I have talked to my store manager and dm again. Theyysaid I could now where them on the outside, but now, I don't know.
Has any one faced something like this. I am confused and feeling hurt, I guess.