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Long Time

About 35 years ago my dad was told he had ALS he was given 2 to 5 years he passed in 2000 of heart deices. He never questioned the diagnoses he just waited to die. I had to know why he did not have the classic symptoms of ALS He lower body wasted away he lost his grip hummmm. I knew I had a lot of my father’s oddities as well so I went to get checked out after a lot of tests I was told I have CMT, this was 30 years ago not much was known about CMT and they could not tell me much about it. A lot has changed in theses past 30+ years! I have learned to live with it I walked with a cane for a while but when I became pregnant with my 2 child I got better the Dr said it was the hormones and he had seen it before. I am not as bad as my father was at this age. I am glad to fine this organization!