CMT and Other Medical Conditions

CMT? Trigger finger is a common problem and probably not related to CMT. Can CMT cause osteoporosis? Not directly. The only relationship between the two is that inactivity from CMT

Find Research by My CMT Type/Subtype

…a link to the research page. CMT Type 1 CMT Type 1 (CMT1) is defined as an autosomal dominant (see inheritance.) demyelinating form of CMT. CMT1 accounts for about 55…

What is CMT?

…many gene mutations cause CMT? Scientists have identified over 100 different gene mutations causing CMT. Most people (90%) have one of four types of CMT: CMT 1A (PMP 22); CMT

Ask the Expert: Breathing and CMT

…some particularly severe forms of CMT can affect breathing. BY MICHAEL E. SHY, MD, CMT CLINIC, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITAL We receive a number of questions in our CMT clinic…

CMTA Board of Directors

…the CMTA’s Centers of Excellence, leading the CMTA’s Advisory Board, participating as a CMTA advocate in the Inherited Neuropathies Consortium, and writing her blog about all things CMT: As…

Types of CMT

…for Demyelinating and Axonal forms of CMT READ MORE: DEMYELINATING CMT READ MORE: AXONAL CMT What is CMT Type 1? CMT Type 1 (CMT1) is defined as an autosomal dominant…

Webinar Recordings

…at Previously Recorded Webinars/Virtual Programs Self-Advocacy and CMT Recorded September 15, 2022 “SELF-ADVOCACY AND CMT” hosted by Laurel Richardson Angela Vandersteen and Erin Weierbach, both of whom are CMT

Neurotoxic Medications

…for people with CMT? According to our CMT experts, Botox is not recommended for individuals with CMT but can be used in areas that are not directly affected by CMT

CMT Awareness Month 2022

…heard of it before. #CMTAM22 Activities Add Someone to the CMTA Hall of Fame! Honor the CMT rockstar in your life by adding their name to the CMTA’s virtual Hall…