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Addex Press Release

CMTA and Addex Therapeutics Enter Collaboration to Advance GABA B PAM as Potential Treatment for CMT1A

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The Fall 2021 CMTA Report

Inside, coverage of recent research grants and study results, nutrition tips for managing CMT symptoms, occupational therapy for CMT hands and so much more.

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Patient / Family Conferences

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. Register now for the 2021 Patient/Family Conference on Saturday, November 6 which is being held virtually.

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CMTA Swag Is Back!

Swag Up for CMT Awareness Month!

Look the part to play your part! Shop now for Awareness Month!

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The 2020 CMTA Annual Report

Inside: Accelerating research and empowering patients. We’re very grateful for your contributions and for your interest in what the CMTA is doing to advance research, create awareness, and make life better for everyone affected by CMT.

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CMTA Innervators

CMTA Innervators

CMTA INNERVATORS are action-oriented game-changers. They sustain the CMTA with monthly gifts throughout the year.

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What is CMT?

Living With CMT

CMT doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you want to do. We have ...

Living with CMT

Researching the Cure

Over $17 million invested in STAR research driving our vision of a world without CMT ..

Our Research

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The only camp in the US just for kids with CMT.

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